Roof Baffles

Attic rafter vent baffles are essential for the health of your roof. Ado products durovent 23 12 in.

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They allow the fresh air to travel up under the roof to the ridge or gable vents keeping the roofing materials dried out and in good working order.

Roof baffles. Putting baffles in your attic is a crucial step in installing attic insulation. Enjoy the videos and music you love upload original content and share it all with friends family and the world on youtube. Without baffles you must keep vents clear of insulation which means.

The picture below courtesy of the epa indoor airplus program which we provide builder verification services for helps show how the system works. Water resistant and durable. Sometimes called rafter vents baffles provide ventilation and keep the insulation from blocking airflow through your attic.

Installing baffles from a soffit vent and up the rafter bay allows you to insulate every available inch of attic floor space. Attic baffles how they work. An attic baffle is simply an item to regulate the flow of air aka required roof venting and impede it the insulation from interfering with each other.

Attic ventilation system with built in baffle 10 per carton. One task that needs to be completed before adding more blown in insulation is to install attic ventilation baffles. It is a fairly easy process that will make a world of difference in assisting your insulation.

Soffit vents are the small metal or plastic grates you probably have seen under the eaves of houses. Once finished well be able to completely cover the attic floor which will give us the best performance from the new insulation. Find quality rafter vents online or in store.

Ado products durovent 23 12 in. Attic ventilation system with built in baffle 10carton install between rafters to provide an air channel through insulation to help keep air flowing freely.

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